Where is Waldo? (not really)

My favorite place on the earth is the kitchen, not because I love to eat but because I love to cook. I think that chefs are artists only instead of paintbrushes or microphones they have spoons and spatulas. I have never known my reasons for loving to cook so much it just happened. Cooking allows me to block out everything and just focus on what I am doing. Since I have been living in the dorms I have missed cooking so much. While I was in High School I cooked at least four times a week (I’m not really a leftover person).  I believe that whatever you like to do there should be a place that allows you to do it to your best ability and you can not really cook without a kitchen. When people find out that I can cook they tend to ask “what do you know how to cook?” or “what is your favorite thing to cook?” I never have an answer because I do not limit myself on what I cook, I just cook or bake, and I love all foods I do not discriminate.

I do not have a favorite place such as the Bahamas or Disney World because those are places that will always be there. They are places that were created by others so it is what their favorite place looks like. I love the kitchen because everytime I go in it I can create something myself, and I can always visit it again anytime I feel like it.